Say goodbye to manual updates,
and hello to automated operational performance.

Discover the benefits of the M3 Platform

Improve device availability

Leverage the power of device readiness to minimize return-to-service times.

Automate content deployment

Deploy os, applications and complex data structures across all devices within minutes.

Versatile compatibility

Supports tablet, laptop & smartphone running Windows, MacOS, iOS & Android.


The solution is fully scalable from a few devices to thousands scattered worldwide.

Security & control

Control access and maximize security by eliminating data with a clean device wipe after each use.

Remote troubleshooting

Completely remote support, control, troubleshooting and content deployment.

Benefit from a rapid return on your investment.

In a shared-device environment, IT administrators inflate inventory numbers with spares to avoid problematic devices and lack of inventory. The percentage of defective units awaiting IT intervention is typically between 20-35%. With the M3 Platform deployed this percentage is reduced to less than 5%. The M3 Platform reduces the total number of portable devices required.

Depending on the support package selected, the IT costs of managing the network of portable devices can be reduced by up to 80%.

This cost varies as a function of the environment in which portable devices are deployed. According to a Gartner report, the inefficiency related to device availability and users’ downtime in managing the device, is greater than the cost of the device itself yearly.